Mobile Data Policy

1. Fundamental Definitions
1.1. The Developer refers to the limited liability company Anyfield UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (hereinafter referred to as "Anyfield UG").
1.2. The Website signifies the online platform of the Developer, accessible at
1.3. The Program represents a mobile application designed to streamline the operations of field service activities for research companies.
1.4. Technical Support denotes the assistance service that offers guidance on technical matters pertaining to the use of the Program, accessible via the email address
1.5. The User indicates an individual who has installed and utilizes the Program on their device.
1.6. The Policy refers to this privacy policy document.
1.7. The Offer Contract signifies a legally binding agreement governing the relationship between the Developer and the User. It can be found on the internet at:

2. General Provisions
2.1. This Privacy Policy serves as an official document of the Developer and outlines the procedures for collecting, processing, and safeguarding statistical information during the use of the Program.
2.2. The primary objective of this Privacy Policy is to ensure the adequate protection of the collected information.
2.3. Relationships pertaining to the collection, storage, distribution, and protection of user information are governed by this Privacy Policy and the prevailing legislation of the European Union.
2.4. The current edition of this Privacy Policy, which constitutes a publicly available document, is compiled by the Developer and can be accessed by any internet user through the "Privacy Policy" hypertext link on the Application page located in the Google Play Store.
2.5. The Developer reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy.
2.6. By utilizing the Program, the User implicitly agrees to adhere to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.
2.7. In the event that the User disagrees with the terms of this Privacy Policy, they must cease using the Program immediately.

3. Terms of Program Usage
3.1. In providing services for Program usage, the Developer, acting in a reasonable and good-faith manner, assumes that the User:
3.1.1. Possesses all necessary rights enabling them to launch and utilize the Program.
3.1.2. Is familiar with and gives their consent to this Privacy Policy.
3.2. The Developer does not verify the accuracy of the statistical information collected during Program usage.
3.3. The User has the right to cease the transmission of collected statistical information regarding Program usage by disabling or blocking the Program's access to the internet.

4. Purposes of information processing
4.1. The Developer collects statistical information on the use of the Program with the aim of enhancing the Program's quality and gathering paradata during respondent interviews conducted by interviewers. The collected information is anonymized. It is transmitted securely over the Internet and stored on Microsoft Azure servers.

5. Composition of the received information
5.1. When the User utilizes the Program, the Developer receives the following information:
5.1.1. Photos/multimedia/files and changes/deletions to the SD card content (for displaying drawings/videos/instructions during interviews).
5.1.2. Information regarding the User's precise location while using the Program.
5.1.3. Access to the camera for capturing photos and videos during Program usage (if applicable to the interview script).
5.1.4. Access to the microphone for recording audio during Program usage (if applicable to the interview audio recording scripts).
5.1.5. Wi-Fi connection data for conserving mobile network data usage during transmission.
5.1.6. Other data (unlimited Internet access, browsing network connections, viewing Google service configurations).

6. Use of collected information
6.1. The collected information is utilized for the following purposes:
6.1.1. Providing technical support to the User.
6.1.2. Enhancing the quality and developing new features for the Program.
6.1.3. Ensuring the technical functionality of the Program.
6.1.4. Conducting User research.

7. Information provided to third parties
7.1. The Developer reserves the right to share statistical information on the Program's usage within the scope of each survey with Program Users.

8. Information security
8.1. The Developer implements all necessary measures to safeguard the collected information.

9. Application of the privacy policy
9.1. This Privacy Policy applies to the Program Developer.

10. Changing the privacy policy
10.1. The Developer reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Privacy Policy.
10.2. Continued use of the Program following any changes to the privacy policy signifies the User's acceptance of the revised terms.
10.3. If the User disagrees with the modifications, they are obligated to discontinue the use of the Program.

11. Contact us
11.1. If you have any further inquiries regarding the privacy policy, please contact us via email at
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