Mobile Data Policy
1. Basic concepts
1.1. The developer is a limited liability company "Company Great" (hereinafter referred to as Great Company LLC).
1.2. Website - the Developer's website located on the Internet at
1.3. The program is a mobile application for automating the work of field services of research companies.
1.4. The technical support is a support service that provides advice on technical issues while using the Program by e-mail address
1.5. The user -is the user of the Program who has installed and uses program on his device.
1.6. The policy - this privacy policy.
1.7. The offer contract - a legal document that regulates the relationship between Developer and User, located on the Internet at:

2. General provisions
2.1. This privacy policy is an official document of the Developer, and determines the procedure for collecting, processing and protecting statistical information in the course of use of the Program.
2.2. The purpose of This privacy policy is to provide adequate protection of collected information.
2.3. Relationships referred to the collection, storage, distribution and protection information about users are governed by This privacy policy and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
2.4. The current version of This privacy policy, which is a public document, is compiled by the Developer and available to any Internet user by clicking on the hypertext link "Privacy Policy" at the Application page located in the Google Play Store.
2.5. The Developer has the right to make changes to This privacy policy.
2.6. By using the Program, the User constitutes acceptance of the terms of This privacy policy.
2.7. If the User disagrees with the terms of This privacy policy use of the Program must be terminated immediately.

3. Terms of use of the Program
3.1. When providing services for the use of the Program, the Developer, acting reasonably and in good faith, believes that the User:
3.1.1. has all the necessary rights to enable him to exercise launching and using the Program;
3.1.2. is familiar with This privacy policy, expresses his consent with it.
3.2. The Developer does not check the accuracy of the received (collected) statistical information when using the Program.
3.3. The User has the right to stop the transmission of the collected statistical information on the use of the Program by disabling and blocking the Program access to the Internet.

4. Purposes of information processing
4.1. Developer collects the statistical information of using the Program in order to improve the quality of the Program and to collect paradata when questioning the respondent by the interviewer. The Collected Information is impersonal. Information is transmitted over the Internet over a secure channel and stored on Microsoft Azure servers.

5. Composition of the received information
5.1. When the User uses the Program, the Developer receives information that includes:
5.1.1. photo/multimedia/files, change/deletion of SD card content (for displaying of drawings/videos/instructions during the interview);
5.1.2. information about the exact location of the User while working with Program;
5.1.3. access to the camera for taking photos and videos while working with the Program (if available in the interview script);
5.1.4. access to a microphone for recording while working with the Program (if available in interview audio recording scripts);
5.1.5. Wi-Fi connection data to save traffic during mobile network data transmission
5.1.6. other data (unlimited Internet access, browsing network connections, view the Google service configuration)

6. Use of collected information
6.1. The information collected is used to:
6.1.1. providing technical support to the User;
6.1.2. improving the quality and developing new features of the Program; 6.1.3. ensuring the technical work of the Program;
6.1.4. carrying out User research.

7. Information provided to third parties
7.1. The developer has the right to provide statistical information on use of the Program in the context of each survey to the User of the Program.

8. Information security
8.1. The developer takes all possible measures to protect the information collected.

9. Application of the privacy policy
9.1. The Privacy Policy applies to the Program Developer.

10. Changing of the privacy policy
10.1. The Privacy Policy may be changed by the Developer unilaterally.
10.2. The сог use of the Program after policy change confidentiality automatically means the User's acceptance of the changes.
10.3. In case of disagreement with the changes, the User is obliged to stop using the Program.

11. Contact us
11.1. If you have any further questions about the privacy policy, please email us at
The Great Company LLC 620049, Yekaterinburg, 37 Komsomolskaya st, office 703

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