Professional platform for conducting research with payment only for the services actually used
Complex Projects
A platform for automating research from small groups of researchers to large geo-distributed companies.
  • CAPI
    Unlimited: users, devices
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    One form for any project type
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    Easy start
Our Features
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
Creating of complex surveys in a simple builder
distribution of tasks between contractors/interviewers
Multilevel quota system
Distribution of roles between users
Mobile app operation in offline mode
Audio/photo interview recording
Recording of GPS coordinates
Adding responses as pictures/photos
Android / iOS
Export answers to SPSS/Excel
Clients manager panel
Clients panel
Simple online dashboards
Extensive Branding opportunities
Applying business features for marketing in surveys
CAPI advantages
  • Easy form builder
    Creating of complex surveys in a simple builder
  • More than just software
    SimpleForms comprehensive contractor / interviewer management system with dashboards for you, and for your clients.
  • Android / iOS
    No matter which device have an interviewer, task, quotas, and all functionality will work even offline
  • Quotas
    Advanced quotas support. multilevel, geo-distributed, parallel, based on respondent screeners
  • Control
    Meta data helps to control interviewer works. Records, GPS, interview time, time for each answer - all this feature helps find compromised data
  • SPSS / Excel export data
    SimpleForms support most popular software for analytics like SPSS, Excel.
CAWI advantages
  • Easy form builder
    Creating of complex surveys in a simple builder
  • Unique / non-unique links
    Using different types of links is useful for mass surveys or tochety, in-depth interviews
  • Optimized for mobile devices
    No matter which device have a respondent your forms works fine
  • Quotas
    Yes, quotas management consist all type of
  • Control
    Payment only for a working operator
  • SPSS / Excel export data
    SimpleForms support most popular software for analytics like SPSS, Excel.
Chrome and headset - that all what you need to start CATI survey!
Easy setup
SimpleForms integrates with any SIP operator. 
Pay only for operators online
You pay only for days when operators worked.
Supervisor workspace
Simple interface with powerfull features

payment only for received answers in Face2Face interview
Text answers
€ 3,3
1000 answers
Media Answers
€ 9,9
1000 answers
Total media projects
€ 5,5
1'000 answers
payment only for received online answers
€ 3,3
1000 answers
Bundle 100
€ 300
100'000 answers / month
Bundle 500
€ 1'400
500'000 answers / month
Bundle 1M
€ 2'500
1'000'000 answers / month
Operators license 
Operator license
€ 2
Users / day + CAWI answers
Yearly license 
€ 555
annual + CAWI answers
Additional services
2 hours
Create survey
€ 400
1 hours
Project support
€ 150
month / prepaid
Dedicated support
€ 500
Data Storage
€ 5 / 1Gb
need more than 1 million answers?
Please contact us at for individual solution
Cost for 1 question?
The cost of answering for 1 question does not depend on the type of question (grid, multi-choice) and the number of options selected
How dedicated support work?
Dedicated support - prompt response by e-mail on weekends and holidays. paid in advance and valid for 1 month
Create survey, Project Support price
Create survey, Project Support - cost per full and part hour of a specialist's work, rounded in each project
Do you have discount for education?
Yes, for educational institutions, a 50% discount on the cost of answers
System requirements
Mobile device system requirements: Android 5.0 and iOS 9

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